Two years have passed by and we have no booking agency again, 7" split is out, but we joined forces with Deerhoof, not The Kurws. We don't have much time to rehearse, although it might change soon, as we have few gigs on the horizon. So see you here in the news section around 2023, we should know everything by then.


We've got a booking agency that will book us agently worldwide from now on. They're from Hamburg and Malmö and call themselves M-jölk Bookings. We're überexcited about it. And what about the promised 7" split with The Kurws? Still no idea. The Kurws are slow.


"Żony w pracy" a.k.a. "Wives at Work" is out. We decided to mix the CD and LP version ourselves and put Greg's mix out on a limited edition MC (no download). Since then we've played some gigs, opened another festival and came up with the music videos, we can't afford financially. In Autumn we will play some more gigs and in the bright and blurry future there should be a 7" split with The Kurws released.


We started the works exactly one year ago and looks like we finnished them yesterday, as the album is recorded and, depending on the concept, it will contain 9 or 10 songs. Maybe more. Next week we record some overdubs and at the beginning of February we send it to Greg Saunier who will mix it for us. The album title is "Wives at Work", and we plan to release CD, LP, MC, cartridge, postcard, floppy disc, slappy disc, puppy disc, peepee disc and a pendrive. Release date is scheduled for the second day of spring and the label is Lado ABC. Roger So Far.


Well. Happy New Year, first of all. Let's start from the end of March - we're releasing limited edition tape of our alter-ego named 60 Minut Projekt. 60 copies. C-60. The release date is actually NOW, so you can order it directly from us at the address available in the contact section. One momento later (6th of April), second premiere of third album out of planned four i.e. our collaboration with Clayton Thomas will see the light of the day. It sounds like nothing we've done till date. We're going for a short tour with that stuff immediately (check the tour section). Another thing is that our other kindofalter-ego - Napalm Of Death is included on the compilation released by Zacheta Gallery called The Artists. It contains the recording of our whole gig, without the encore. Or maybe with the encore? We got lost. And last, but not least - we're working on the new material. Yay!


First history class: some time ago we played at The Artsists Festival, where we joined Igor Krenz and Patryk Dabrowski to create a band called Napalm Of Death. On the very same day we've released ultralimited edition of tape, 4" single (hand-cut!) and t-shirts. It was all so ultralimited, that it makes no sense to keep on talking about it. We just have to admit - it was awesome. So, in the nearest future we go for the Trip Of Our Life sharing stage on a U.S. West Coast tour with Deerhoof, as well as sharing stage with great Brazilian acts on a Brazil East Coast tour. That makes up our "The Great East Coast/West Coast Tour Of America 2013". And soon after all that we will be playing in London at Jazz & Experimental Music From Poland Festival. And then we will just go somewhere to celebrate the New Years Eve. Or something. Or something something.


In June, we'll have a few surprises for you, but none of them should come as a surprise. Firstly, our tour with Tabata Mitsuru has resulted in a 'live' release that Biedota Records will put out on June 8 in a limited series of 123 casette tapes. Secondly, we finally cleared out the issue of publishers and June 19 will see the premiere of LXMP's 'Back To The Future Shock'. You will have it on vinyl and CD, baby. And now for the "thirdly": to spare Warsaw more future shock stuff, we have decided to celebrate the record's release by inviting Clayton Thomas for two days to play with us. (We'll use this opportunity to record out third trio album.) In Warsaw, in Pardon, To Tu (yes, it's a club and it's in French). On June 18 and 19, we'll do Clayton solo, duets with Clayton, a trio with Clayton and, for dessert, a little bit of future shock with Clayton. Fourthly (and finally), we have T-shirts. If you want one, write to us at our contact email, and we'll see what we can do.


18th of February was the date of Antigama's "Stop The Chaos Remixes" release. One of the tracks is our version of their "E Conspectu". Explore more at if you wish. Live news: We've just finished a microtour as a trio with Acid Mothers Temple's Tabata Mitsuru, at the beginning of April we will share the stage with none other than Wini - bestest polish rapper at a gig in Warsaw, and few weeks later we will go on tour throughout Northern Europe with our friends from The Kurws. You'll find the dates in the tour section in a day or two. And the future of "Back To The Future Shock"? Trying to reach the publishers is more difficult than we thought, so we're waiting patiently. Tis well you should doe so.

Future of Shock, Napalm of Death

The work on our version of Hancock's "Future Shock" is over. The album will have a title that has a modern ring to it but also conveys a proper amount of respect for tradition - "Back To The Future Shock". The track list is exactly the same as the original. And if everything goes according to plans, we may even include a bonus remix of “Rockit” on the CD version. We recorded everything ourselves in Warsaw, except for the title track on which we got some help on drums from Thymme Jones of Chicago. The record will come out in the spring. We will perform it live during our April-May tour with The Kurws that we are planning across the vast plains of Northern Europe, and, later, around July, during our tour across the even vaster plains of North America. Oh! Oh! And our two most recent releases can now be purchased on iTunes.

The tour and some studio work

6th of March will see the premiere of first half of our four-albums-as-trio plan. First cd is a trio with Chad Popple, second with Kazuhisa Uchihashi. And on the very same day, the quartet with two artists mentioned above will start a 4-day long tour across Poland. For the details look in the tour section. Apart of that - yesterday we entered the studio to record our version of "Future Shock". What we can tell you now is that we're happy with the effect and that there will be a very special guest on it, but it won't be Herbie. We also recorded some other stuff during this session to be used in the near future.

2012 in 83 words

Thanks to Belle, we have the new LXMP website (instead of shitty myspace). Many plans for 2012: apart of the end of the world, we plan to conduct a complex operation of issuing 4 albums recorded with 4 great musician from 4 different parts of the world. Two of them are already recorded and will be released late spring (read: now!), two other will be ready in late autumn. But first we're flying to US in a mission to show how to play Future Shock properly. Best.